Enviable location

A typical Swiss mountain village at 1,600 meters above sea level, ski lifts make it easy to reach 2,600 above sea level. All connected with major centers in Switzerland and northern Italy. The goal is to make San Bernardino a destination capable of being home and adventure. An alpine village that is a mix of comfort and possibility. A place that locals can be proud of and visitors cannot do without.

Amazing nature

Set in an amphitheater of towering mountains and lush vegetation, San Bernardino offers the best of Swiss mountain life, whatever the season. A village with a soul, in a natural world of outdoor adventures and in a place that has always been a bridge connecting north and south. The opportunity to live in close contact with nature and feel part of it by immersing oneself in a world closely connected with mountain traditions. The best of the mountains easily accessible from home.


Activities for each season

The easy accessibility of San Bernardino, makes the entire area the ideal destination to allow as wide a target audience as possible to experience the mountains 365 days a year: summer and winter hiking, mountain biking, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, climbing, kayaking. A set of possibilities for every taste with infrastructure for both outdoor and indoor training. Moments of pure pleasure to be experienced alone or in company, with family or friends throughout the year.